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Asset management guarantees the value preservation and value increase of real estate. It is the basis of a successful real estate investment. This begins with project development and/or acquisition of the real estate for investment purposes. In this phase future management should be considered, developmental potentials evaluated, and risks should be visualized.

Estimates must also be made regarding possible value on the basis of location assessment and planning scenarios.

In the case of a prolonged holding period a proper and successful administration should be provided as well as reliable reporting system installed to satisfy various partner needs. In later stages, decisions are to be made pertaining alternative strategies, whether a facility should be held, developed or sold. In the end the real estate should be sold for the best possible price.

We offer our support in all phases of investment.

Following examples:

- Pricing

- Due Diligence

- Searching for suitable real estate

- Determining portfolio strategies

- Market exploration

- Leading purchase negotiations

- Mediation of suitable real estate

- Planning cash flows

- Choosing the right property manager

- Responsibility of the asset management mandate, optionally for a longer-term order or project related

- Appraisal of an attainable retail price

- Structuring and directing of a sales process

- Drafting of different alternatives as a basis for substantial decisions.